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Persona 5 (Steelbook Edition)

Persona 5 (Steelbook Edition)


You follow the adventure as the main character and the group of friends he meets during the story. Seemingly ordinary Tokyo high school students, they lead a double life as the Phantom Thieves, using their supernatural powers to penetrate people's hearts. This power comes from their Persona, named after the psychological concept described by Carl Jun.

The heroes of the game thus discover that society forces people to wear masks to conceal their vulnerabilities, and that it is only by tearing off these masks and facing their true selves that they are able to awaken the power. which is buried within them, in order to use it to help those in need.

Lead your classic high school life during the day by taking classes, going out to have fun after class and doing your odd jobs on the side. But also participate in extraordinary adventures with superbly stylized characters, enemies and environments and cinematic sequences realized in the style of an anime. The whole is supported by an original soundtrack enriched with explosive Acid-Jazz, signed by the legendary composer Shôji Meguro.

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